Former Rebel Availed Full- Financial Assistance from the Local Government for the Hospital Bills of His Wife and New Born Baby

MARAMAG, Bukidnon- On April 13, 2021, a 16 year old former rebel’s wife, Ms. Daylena Kabantao is rushed and admitted to Maramag Provincial Hospital, as she was to deliver her child. A thorough examination was conducted, which was later found out that she has severe Eclampsia (a condition in which one or more convulsions occur in a pregnant women suffering from high blood pressure). The attending physician advised the patient that she needs to deliver the baby in cesarean section, in other hospital because they don’t have the facility and equipment for said operation. Moreover, 88IB made coordination to Valencia Polymedic General Hospital Inc. however, the private hospital is in need of initial cash deposit as part of hospital protocol, furthermore 88IB made coordination to the good mayor Hon. Azucena Huervas, of Valencia City guaranteed the initial cash deposit without hesitation.

Ms. Kabantao was admitted and the baby is safely delivered, however the baby has Neonatal sepsis (a blood infection that occurs in an infant younger than 90 days old) that’s the mother and child needs to stay longer in the hospital, apparently the increasing hospital bill needs to be addressed. But with the helping hands of different government units and true spirit of “whole-of-government” approach the mother’s hospital bill was settled thru the office of Congressman 3rd District, Hon. Manuel F Zubiri and the patient was discharged from the hospital last April 23, 2021. The good Mayor of Maramag, Hon. Jose P. Doromal also gives financial assistance for the families other expenses including Baby’s hospital bill is settled thru the office the good Provincial Governor Hon. Jose Maria R. Zubiri Jr. The whole family finally got home on April 28, 2021.

Matud pa ni Cain “Daku ang akung pagpasalamat sa tanan nga mitabang sa akung pamilya, salamat ug daku sa ginoo nga gidala niya kami sa mga tawo nga mutabang kanamo ang 88IB, Mayor sa Valencia, Mayor sa Maramag, ang Provincial Governor ug ang Congressman sa 3rd District sa Bukidnon, Sa tanan mi tabang kanamo walay kahumanan ang akung pagpasalamat dinha kaniyo, bisan paman nga ako kanhi nga rebelde nga nailad sa kalihukan wala mo nagduha-duha sa pagtabang kanako ug gipa bati ninyu kanamo nga aduna pay paglaum”.

Cain Anda is one (1) of the five (5) minors rescued by the Philippine Army in the province of Abra, Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon way back in 2018, he was only 17 years old at that time and an IP of tigwahanon tribe in San Fernando Bukidnon and he was exploited by the CNTs, by giving false promises that they will helps them to have a decent job in Luzon but later they became regular NPA members in Abra, Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon.

Finally, Lt. Col. Christian James P Vingno, Commanding Officer of 88th Infantry Battalion, expressed his gratitude to all the partner government units who extend their helping hands to the former rebel and his family. This is the whole-of-nation approach, we are your true government and willing to give hope even you are former combatants, we are encouraging those rebels who are still in the mountains to come and return to the folds of the law, we knew that you are only being deceived by wrong ideology we are here to help you. Vingno added.

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