Future made brighter as Government turns over solar street lights and services to GIDA

CLAVERIA, Misamis Oriental – The LGU of Lagonglong, in collaboration with the PNP of Lagonglong and the 58th Infantry Dimalulupig Battalion, turned over Solar Street Lights and conducted Hatod Serbisyo Program to the residents of Sitio Curnao, Barangay Umagos, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental, September 02, 2021.

This was in reference to Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC), as Sitio Curnao still has underground mass bases that support active NPA fighters, and some of the community’s active members are from there.

Because the area is quite remote and far from civilization, Sitio Curnao is part of Lagonglong’s geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAs). Unpaved roads are a big source of concern for the community, as they are currently impassable to vehicles. To get to the Sitio, one must walk 3 kilometers from the neighboring Sitio. This is one of the reasons why residents cannot easily access government services due to their proximity; another factor impeding residents’ access to various projects and government services is the presence of NPA mass bases in the area, which prevents NGAs and NGOs from freely visiting the community and disseminating programs and activities.

This activity was a bold move by the government to infiltrate the families of active NPA members and to let them know that the government has not forgotten nor neglected them by any means. The turnover of ten units of solar streetlights was graced by Hon. Jay Albert C Puertas, Municipal Mayor of Lagonglong. With him are Hon. Edgardo C Cainglet, Brey Chairman of Umagos, representatives from Provincial Agricultural Office, and the troops from PNP Lagonglong and 58IB. Following the turnover of streetlights is the Hatod Serbisyo program where services like free haircut and parlor games were given and food packs, farm tools, and school supplies were distributed to 25 households. This is just one of the many interventions the government has planned to outpour at Sitio Curnao for the months and years to come.

Hon. Jay Albert C Puertas, Municipal Mayor of Lagonglong, officiated the turnover of ten solar streetlights. Hon. Edgardo C Cainglet, Brey Chairman of Umagos, representatives from the Provincial Agricultural Office, and troops from the PNP Lagonglong and 58IB are among those who accompanied him. The Hatod Serbisyo program, which provided free haircuts and parlor games as well as food packs, farm tools, and school materials to 25 households, followed the turnover of streetlights.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jay Albert C Puertas assured its residents that, with the aid of the national government, the local government will deliver what is required to address the fundamental concerns within the community of Curnao. “Due to the current state of the roads, getting to Sitio Curnao is a challenge. I can understand how the existence of a farm-to-market road would significantly improve your challenging condition. That’s exactly what I want for you. We’ll find a way to make these road projects a reality. Aside from that, because your town has a large number of children, I will establish a childcare center for your children to receive a foundation of education; for them to learn how to read and write, as education is extremely vital in an individual’s life and will lead to a bright future. We shall use all of our resources to achieve this.”

On the other hand, Lt. Col Ricky L Canatoy, Commanding Officer of 58IB, believes that this was a bold move on the government’s behalf to infiltrate the families of active NPA members and demonstrate that the government has not forgotten or disregarded them in any manner. “This strategy is proactive in the sense that it addresses the core reasons and attempts to encourage people to leave the armed organization and return to the folds of the law. The statements made by the NPA leaders are nothing more than propaganda. They lie to these people in the remote places all the time in order to trick them into becoming enraged with the government and creating alliances with them so that they may be used for their own selfish goal. That is why we have come in force, the government, to dispel these lies and provide real and genuine service to the people.”

This is only one of the government’s many initiatives planned for Sitio Curnao in the months and years ahead.

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