401st Infantry (Unite N’ Fight) Brigade Troopers commits and deploys troops for the 3-day National Vaccination Day dubbed as “BAYANIHAN BAKUNAHAN”

Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur – The Headquarters 401st Infantry “Unite N’ Fight” Brigade of the 4th Infantry “Diamond” Division, Philippine Army deployed troops together with its operational control units, the 3rd Special Forces Battalion and the 75th Infantry Battalion, in Surigao Del Sur and Agusan Del Sur from November 29, 2021 to December 1, 2021.

The activity was conducted in coordination with the DOH CARAGA Region, Provincial Health Office of Agusan Del Sur and Surigao Del Sur as the lead agencies in the region and provinces. This is line with the objective which aims to fast-track vaccination of Filipinos nationwide for three (3) days. Each day which started on November 29, 2021 until December 3, 2021, 401st Bde troopers and its operational control battalions deployed troops to the selected DOH/LGUs identified vaccination sites across Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur, specially on vaccination sites near the geographically-isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAS). The brigade provided medical personnel, crowd-control personnel, security teams, and ambulance. Needed materials like vaccine storage boxes and additional boxes of syringes were also transported by the brigade to distribution hubs.

After the activity, COL FRANCISCO F LORENZO JR MNSA (INF) PA, the Officer-in-Charge of the 401st Brigade, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the agencies involved in the activity for their dedication, enthusiasm and hard work to be able to serve the people of Agusan Del Sur and Surigao Del Sur. He also congratulated all the troops involved for the job well done.

This activity is only one of our fruitful endeavors accomplished thru our collaboration. Let us continue to cultivate the Bayanihan spirit, together we can achieve more and hurdle any challenges that come our way, be counted, COL LORENZO added.

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