Three CTG Members surrendered to the Chairman CTF-ELCAC of Cabadbaran City

C ABADBARAN CITY, Agusan del Norte – After the Local Peace Engagement (LPE) conducted by this unit, three (3) CTGs members voluntarily surrendered to the Chairman CTF-ELCAC of Cabadbaran City and 29th Infantry “Matatag” Battalion together with 65th Infantry “Stalwart” Battalion on March 21, 2022.

The surrenderers are identified as Ian Sabsalon Acita, Non-Periodic Status Report Listed (NPSRL), single, 28 years old and resident of Purok 5 Doña Maxima, San Luis, Agusan del Norte together with Rubilyn Gaan Antong, Non-Periodic Status Report Listed (NPSRL), 26 years old and his live-in partner Taton Egom Egbot, Non-Periodic Status Report Listed (NPSRL), 28 years old, both resident of Purok 3, Brgy Mahaba, Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte, all armed member of SYP21C, GF21, NEMRC.

The surrenderers brought along with them one (1) M14 rifle with two (2) magazines and sixty-two (62) rounds ammunition, one (1) improvised M203 with nine (9) ammunition and one (1) Remmington Shotgun with five (5) rounds ammunition.

According to Ian, “Sir lisod gyud kaayo ang kinabuhi namo sa bukid gutom na kaayo didto. Sige ug ingon ang mga kadagkuan namo nga patayon mi sa mga sundalo kung magsurrender mi pero mali diay tanan ilang gipangistorya. Igo rami nila gilingla ug walay kamatooran ang tanan. Igo rami nila gipahimuslan.” Sir, our life is worse in the mountains, we are always hungry. Our higher ups are saying that if we surrender to the troops, we will be killed but all they are saying were wrong. They just deceived us and everything were just lies. They just used us.

According to Rubelyn, “Nisurrender ming duha sa akoang partner Sir para sa among pamilya, para sa among mga anak, gamay pa kaayo sila ug gusto sad nako nga matagaan sila ug malinawon nga pamuyo. Mahadlok nasad ko Sir kay basin mapatay sad mi sa engkwentro.”Sir, we surrenderred for our family, for our children because they are still young and we want to give them a peaceful life and home. I am also scared because what will happen to my children if we will die in the encounter.”

Col. Jason M Saldua, Commanding Officer of 29IB said in a statement, “To our friends who have recently find their way back to the folds of the law, we thank you all that you have realized that the CPP-NPA-NDF will do no good for you. Rest assured that the government will provide assistance to you and your family through the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP). May you also encourage your fellow who are still at the mountains to also surrender and change for the better.”

“To all others who wish to lay down their arms, our government are always here, opened-ready to accept and support you back to the mainstream society. The government are just waiting for you, may you keep in mind that armed-struggle will never be the solution in attaining peace”, Col.Saldua added.

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