Communist NPA Terrorists Surrender; Aid Soldiers Recover Arms Cache

IMPASUGONG, Bukidnon – Soldiers of the 8th Infantry Battalion (8IB) have recovered a hidden arms cache in a retrieval operation on May 21 through the aid of regular members of Communist NPA Terrorists who surrendered to the government soldiers the day before.

The 8IB soldiers retrieved two (2) AK 47 rifles in a location revealed by the surrenderees in the hinterland village of Barangay Busdi, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

One of the former Communist NPA Terrorists who surrendered to the 8IB and revealed the location of the arms cache was Butchoy Solinay who served as Vice Commanding Officer of NPA unit with his comrade Jamaica Kaykay Singatao, who served as Supply Officer of the same remaining NPA Terrorist unit operating in Bukidnon after the 8IB dismantled the Guerilla Front 89.

According to the surrenderees, they experienced exhaustion and hunger inside the Communist Terrorist Group caused by the withdrawal of support from their masses resulting from the continued Community Support Sustainment Program and Focused Military Operation in Upper Pulangi.

The death of their leaders, the successive voluntary surrender of their members, and the confiscation of their various war materials added to their dismay and state of low morale, leaving them no option but to surrender to the authorities.

The former rebels revealed they decided to help the troops locate the arms cache in exchange for “good treatment of the soldiers as they fear that soldiers will hurt them.” But soon after their surrender, they realize that there is a stark contrast to the soldier’s kind treatment of them as to the lies and fears instilled by their NPA comrades that they will be killed or tortured if they surrender.

The surrenderees will now be processed for enrollment in the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program or E-CLIP of the government to help them reintegrate back into the community and soon be with their families and start a new life again.

Commanding Officer of 8th Infantry (Dependable) Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony A. Bacus, in his remarks said; Ang pagbawi sa mga Armas sa Teroristang Grupo usa ka tin-aw nga pagpakita nga ang kaaway huyang na, gikapoy ug nahadlok. Ingon sa gimando, magpadayon kami sa pagpanalipod ug pagsiguro sa mga komunidad gikan sa bisan unsang hulga sa mga CTG. Dugang pa, among giawhag ang nahabilin nga mga miyembro sa NPA nga malinawon nga mosurender sa gobyerno, maghiusa pag-usab sa ilang mga pamilya, ug dawaton ang malungtarong kalinaw. Makasalig kamo nga andam kami kanunay nga motabang kaninyo sa pagproseso sa inyong mga benepisyo pinaagi sa Enhanced-Local Integration Program o E-CLIP ug sa pagpauli sa inyong tagsa-tagsa ka pamilya.”

(The recovery of the hidden armed cache of the terrorist group is proof that the enemies are getting weaker, tired, and afraid. As part of our commitment to our mandate, we will continue to protect the communities from any threat of the CTG. In addition, we urge those remaining NPA to peacefully surrender to the government, unite with their families, and accept a sustainable peace. Trust that we are ready to help you to process your benefits under the Enhanced-Local Integration Program or E-CLIP and your reunion with your families.”)

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