NPA Commander surrenders, reunites with family

MALITBOG, Bukidnon – A New People’s Army (NPA) commander recently yielded to the 16th Infantry (Maglilingkod) Battalion under 402nd Infantry (Stingers) Brigade last May 18, 11:00 PM at Brgy Kiabo, Malitbog, Bukidnon, following the successive focused military operations and intensified intelligence operation launched a week ago.

Said high-ranking personality is identified as Alias Ka “Jayto”, 26 years old, the commander of the SRSDG EAGLES, SRC1 of Northern Central Mindanao Regional Committee for four years and is considered a High Value Individual due to his position in the local NPA hierarchy.

It can be recalled that his wife, a medic of the same committee, returned to the folds of law last May 12 and left the communist group ahead of him. Prenatal demands coupled with sleepless nights, fatigue, and extreme hunger ushered the surrender of Renchie. Already a mother, she resolved on fostering a nurturing environment to raise her child away from the violence which is the only thing the NPA offers.

Accordingly, Renchie since departing their group remained in contact with Jayto. Thus, the 16th IB facilitated negotiations to vehemently compel the surrender of the subject.

Similar to Renchie’s reasons for leaving the armed struggle, Jayto said that his longing to be reunited with his spouse and child fueled his courage to leave his group in the mountains. After being amongst the government’s enemies for ten years, the realizations of the deceptions and propaganda of the communist CPP-NPA-NPF and his immense desire for a normal family life pushed him to find his way back to the mainstream.

“Lisod ang panginabuhi, lisod ang pangita’g pagkaun, sige ug tago sa mga sundalo ug mga pulis, nahinay-hinay nako nasinati sa kadugayon nako sa kabukiran na ang akoang gikatuuhan diay kay walay padulngan. Ug nakonsensya sa akong asawa na nanganak na, naa nami bata, ug pangandoy niya na makompleto mi sa among pamilya.”

Finally after, being reunited, the family is currently under the custody of the unit undergoing the usual process for returning rebels. The unit is providing, initial assistance such as livelihood aid and skills training, and their enrollment to the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) to start anew is now being facilitated.

The 16th IB is once again calling all members of CPP-NPA to lay down their arms and realize the futility of their armed struggle. With the number of regular red fighters who are now abandoning the NPA movement nationwide, it is only a matter of time before the CPP-NPA collapses and sustainable peace and development is finally achieved. Under the banner of NTF-ELCAC, the unit will continuously intensify efforts to support the government’s thrust to end the decades long insurgency.

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