Exhumed Skeletal Remain in MisOr Proves the NPA’s Brutal Acts

CLAVERIA, MISAMIS ORIENTAL – The 58th Infantry Dimalulupig Battalion retrieved the skeletal remains of a Communist Terrorist personality in the vicinity of Brgy. Lawaan, Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental, July 14, 2022.

An unidentified member of the NPA was subjected to extra-judicial killing sometime in September 2021 because he was suspected to abandoned the group and providing information to the government troops. Said NPA member was hastily buried without a proper burial and the family was not informed. This information was revealed by the Former Rebels who recently surrendered to this unit.

According to the FRs, the summary execution was carried out as a result of the large number of CTG personalities who returned to the government and were branded as spies against CTGs. This resulted to demoralization among leaders and members of CTG and greatly affected the camaraderie among their members.

The skeletal remain was brought to the Mata Funeral Home in Gingoog City for anthropological analysis by the SOCO, Gingoog City in order to determine the identification of the skeletal remain before turning it over to the immediate family and for the appropriate burial rites.

Lt. Col. Ricky L. Canatoy, Commanding Officer, 58IB said, “The extra-judicial killings by the NPA is only one example of how CNTs will go to great lengths to kill their own members just because of mere suspicion that some of their members are government agent. The demoralization of their leaders leads to poor judgment with no respect for human life.”

“I am appealing to those members of the NPA who are still hiding in Misamis Oriental’s hinterlands to come down in peace, lay down their arms, and return to the fold of the law while there is still time and opportunity. Put an end to this way of life; constant suffering in vain, with little regard for your own life or the lives of others.,” Lt. Col Canatoy ended.

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