Army recovers one cadaver and war materials after clash with NPA terrorists

Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur – Remains of one suspected CPP-NPA terrorists (CNTs) was recovered a day after their hideout was successfully overrun by the combined forces of the 75th Infantry Battalion and the 41st Division Reconnaissance Company (DRC) in Brgy Laperian, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur on August 18, 2023.

The combined troops of the 401st Brigade encountered an estimated thirty (30) CNTs who have been carrying out various atrocities and engaging in extortion activities in the Agusan del Sur area. Acting on information provided by concerned citizens, the troops with the support of Brigade Intel operatives, successfully located and engaged the armed group in a firefight that lasted for about fifteen (15) minutes.

The enemies eventually retreated leaving behind some of their war materials and personal belongings, including one (1) high-powered firearm M16 rifle (Bushmaster), one (1) fragmentary grenade, one (1) rifle grenade, four (4) pieces of 40mm HE live ammunition, one (1) set of anti-personnel mine, fifteen (15) meters of detonating cord, twenty-two (22) long and one (1) short 5.56mm magazines, fifty-eight (58) pieces of Cal.30 ammunition, two hundred (200) pieces of 5.56 ammunition, three (3) bandoliers, eight (8) backpacks, three (3) analog cellular phones, one (1) USB, various medical and dental paraphernalia and subversive documents with high intelligence value.

On the following day, August 19, barangay officials reported the discovery of a cadaver suspected to be a member of the CNTs encountered by the government troops in the area whose identity is yet to be determined.

The success of the focused military operation conducted by the 401st Brigade, commanded by BGEN FRANCISCO F LORENZO JR PA, would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts and timely information provided by the stakeholders in the area. BGEN LORENZO JR PA assures the public that the government troops are committed to risking their lives and sacrificing their limbs in fulfilling their mandate to secure and protect the peace-loving people of Agusan del Sur, and to maintain and preserve peace and security in the province.

BGEN LORENZO JR PA also appeals to the remaining Communist NPA terrorists in the province of Agusan del Sur to surrender peacefully, promising to accept them with open arms. He encourages them to take advantage of the E-CLIP program provided by the government and start new lives with their families and loved ones. Together, they can put an end to this conflict and achieve lasting peace.

BGEN Lorenzo added, “We express our gratitude for the support of the populace and their courage in reporting the presence of the CNTs in the area. Rest assured that we will not allow these terrorists to continue their heartless activities that disrupt the peaceful lives of our people.”

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