4ID strengthens ethical standards and public accountability among troops through family conference and workshop

With the overarching goal to provide a platform for Diamond troopers to gain valuable insights into maintaining high ethical standards and fostering transparency while serving in the armed forces, the 4th Infantry (Diamond) Division through its Office of Ethical Standards and Public Accountability (OESPA) conducted a Family Conference and seminar/workshop on September 22, 2023.

Forty-three (43) participants from 4ID line units and operationally-controlled brigade and battalions participated in the activity.

Brigadier General Joel M. Paloma, the 4ID Assistant Division Commander and at the same time the Chief, OESPA said the activity wanted to enhance organizational professionalism and promote adherence to the guidelines of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Code of Ethics and Graft Prevention, mitigate domestic and non-domestic circumstances and to expidite the handling of complaints for non-support or abandonment in accordance with the Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violance Against Women and Children Act.

During the conference and workshop, series of lectures and discussions were conducted by Subject Matter Experts in which opinions and recommendations were gathered to eradicate or address the prevalent domestic-related issues such as insufficient support, non-support and abandonment.

The OESPA is the office responsible on matters pertaining to the enhancement of professionalism, promotion of honesty and integrity in the military service, instilling ethical standards and inculcating a strong sense of public accountability among 4ID personnel in the pursuit of a common commitment against graft and corruption.

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