Demoralization within the ranks of the CTG continues; 6 CTG members with high powered firearms surrender to 4ID troops in Bukidnon

CAMP EVANGELISTA, Cagayan de Oro City – The indicative demoralization among the leaders and members of the CPP-NPA-NDF in Bukidnon continues as six (6) CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs), voluntarily surrendered to the government troops under the 4th Infantry (Diamond) Division on Sunday night, November 14, in Cabanglasan, Bukidnon.

Bernie M. Sinunta alias Boboy, the Intel Officer/Vice Commanding Officer (VCO) of the North Central Mindanao Regional Committee’s (NCRMC) Sub-Regional Committee 2 (SRC2), led the surrenderers. They disclosed that they are demoralized as a result of the internal (organization) crisis caused by Ka Oris’ death, as well as the scarcity of food, and supplies and the incessant focus at military operations in the area.

5 other CNTs who surrendered were identified as: Junie Orque alias Bigboy, the Squad Leader of Squad 1, Platoon Bagsik, Guerilla Front Malayag, SRC2; Ting R Arellano alias Ting, the Team Leader Abe of Squad 2, SRSDG Peddler, SRC2; Jorlito R Arellano alias Jimboy, the Team Leader Baking of Squad 2, SRSDG PEDDLER, SRC2; Rickian D Ampildon alias Pikoy, the Security Officer/Team Leader Baking of Squad 1, SRSDG PEDDLER, SRC2; and Marjon T Pasco alias Reden, the Team Leader Abe of Squad 2, SRSDG PEDDLER, SRC2.

The CNTs also surrendered six (6) high-powered firearms, consisting of a Cal 5.56mm Colt M4 Rifle, three (3) Cal 5.56mm M16 Rifles, and two Cal 7.62mm M14 Rifles.

The surrender of the said CNTs was facilitated jointly by the 4ID intelligence unit, the 88th Infantry Battalion under the leadership of Lt Col Christian James P Vingno, and the 403rd Infantry Brigade under Brigadier General Ferdinand T Barandon.

In his statement, Major General Romeo S Brawner Jr believed that there is a mass demoralization that is spreading like wildfire within the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) since the series of surrenders and arrests of its leaders, and its successive defeats during armed encounters.

He added that the death of Jorge Madlos alias Ka Oris is one of the key reasons of the demoralization. With the death of Ka Oris, who is one of the few remaining veterans and cornerstones of the CTG, during an encounter with government troops last month after decades as a fugitive, the morale and fighting spirit of the CTG’s rank and file have collapsed.

“After Ka Oris’s death, we expected a spring of surrenderers from the CTG as many of its members will realize that the armed struggle is a lost cause that has only wasted the lives of so many innocent Filipinos, and that the long arms of justice will eventually catch those who choose violent lives”, MGen Branwner Jr said.

“Hence, we reiterate our call for peace. We are always ready to accept those who want to lay down their firearms. It is not too late for them to avail of the E-CLIP. The Army, together with the support and commitment of the LGUs and LGAs, will help them build their lives anew, ” MGen Brawner Jr. added.

Since the assumption of MGen Brawner Jr as the 4ID Commander last July 5 this year, 4ID has inititated 78 encounters against the CNTs, neutralizing 70 CNTs and seizing 119 high-powered and low-powered firearms. Likewise, a total of 102 CNTs surrendered, and also yielded 55 high-powered and low-powered firearms.

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