29IB troops intensifies military offensive in AgNor; 3 CNTs killed and 15 High-Powered Firearms recovered

CABADBARAN CITY, Agusan del Norte – Combined elements of 29th Infantry (Matatag) Battalion and 30th Infantry (Fight ‘on) Battalion gained another victory as they encountered the Communist Terrorist Groups (CTGs) believed to be composed by SYP21C, WGF21 and Pltn Dao, Sub-Regional Sentro de Grabidad Westland both of Sub-Regional Committee Westland, NEMRC in the hinterlands of Mt. Apo-Apo, Sitio Dugyaman, Brgy Anticala, Butuan City on June 16, 2023.

Due to consistent reports coming from concerned individuals living in Barangay Anticala about the presence of CTGs roaming in the hinterland areas of the Barangay, LTC Cresencio C Gargar, the Commanding Officer of 29IB deployed troops in response to the concern of the constituents.

Acting upon the information from the constituents regarding the presence of armed groups in the area, troops encountered about 30 CNTs in their hideout. The troops requested Close Air Support to prevent possible loss of lives from enemy anti-personnel mines (IEDs). The encounter resulted in the death of three (3) CNTs still to be identified, captured of 15 high powered firearms and terrorist documents with high Intel value.

LTC Cresencio C Gargar, the Commanding Officer of 29IB said, “The 29th Infantry (Matatag) Battalion would like to thank the constituents who are already tired from the CTG’s threats, intimidation and extortion. Rest assured that we will provide secrecy on the information you have provided and will always take immediate action. To our constituents rest assured that no civilians were hurt during the encounter and the vicinity is four (4) kilometers away from the nearest community. To the remaining CNTs, it is not too late, you can still lay down your arms and surrender peacefully. You can expect that we will intensify our operations.”

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